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I got a callback! Yay! So did Ryan (of course), Sharpay, Jason and Troy. Everyone did really well. I was surprised Jason did well, seeing he's a basketball player. But I guess theres more than one jock who can sing. 

I hope I get Amanda. Iris is kind of, well, patheic. He cheated on you three years ago and you still love him? 

Now  I'm gonna go reherse with Kelsi.



I miss Ryan. I miss being able to walk down the hallway and see him. 

I nailed Auditions today. It was really good. Ryan was really good. Although, I might be a smidge biased. 

I miss Ryan. He made it really hard for me to leave. He was being sulky, and I love him, but he was acting like a four year old. Then we talked about it, I told him about my dad's latest threat... we talked some more, than we, er, "talked" then he started acting his age, and started to help me pack and we "had a conversation". Then we just laid on my bed holding each other and then we headed out to dinner.

I love him so much.

Third Person

Who: Ryan and Hannah
Where: School after she moves out
Rating: Well, since it's them, I'll give I'll sa PG-13/R.

Hannah was running late. She jogged into homeroom just as the bell rang. Ms. Darbus opened her mouth and she said, "I'm not late!" and sat down in her seat by Ryan.
With me and Ryan on a break, I'm moving in with Kelsi. I think I'll stay there until Johnny gets my apartment.

Feb. 10th, 2007

Me and Ryan are on a break. Shit. This is not good. A bunch of people I know went on a break because their signifigant other couldn't deal and it was the end. I don't want this to be the end.

I love him.

If we were older, and more experienced, I'd want to be engaged, and maybe even propose  myself.

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